Watermelon cocktail

Summer isn’t over yet, and while we are still soaking up some sun, why not sip a yummylicious cocktail by the pool?

So if you’re having some friends over or thinking of stirring up a delicious concoction for a special someone, here’s a fun tropical watermelon Cocktail recipe to jazz up your evening.

Serves 2

Two chilled tall glasses rimmed with sugar

200ml watermelon juice (pressed fresh juice is always better)

25ml Malibu (coconut flavoured liqueur)

25ml Fresh Lemon juice

25ml White rum (any brand you prefer)

Blend it all up with a few cubes of ice and pour it into a chilled tall glass with a garnish of your choice (a slice of watermelon is perfect as a garnish). Top it off with a sprig of mint leaves.

If you want it stronger, double the alcohol quantities and party all night!

I promise you that no extra sugar is required since the watermelon is pretty sweet, but hey, if you want some extra sweetness go right ahead and add some sugar syrup.

Sugar Syrup recipe

Bring about 200ml water to a boil and add about 6 tables spoons of sugar. Mix until it dissolves and let it cool in room temperature. Voila! Sugar syrup ready…

Happy summer you guys!