So thanks to Cara Delevingne we all learnt a thing or two about keeping our brows on fleek. Remember the days when we had a skinny line of hair on top of our eyes that we used to call our eyebrows? (cringe!!)

Our brows make a world of difference to our overall appearance and make us look somewhat pleasant to look at. But let’s face reality here, not all of us are blessed with gorgeous thick brows like Cara… So how do we master the perfect brows?

Thankfully almost every brand of makeup offers a brow product and some offer more than one option, from gels, to creams to powders.

The key to making your brows look as natural as possible is to match the product you use to your hair colour.

Here’s our top list that makes the cut when it comes to global brow products.

Anastasia Beverly hills dip brow 


ABH Brow

When we talk about brows the first brand that comes to our mind is Anastasia Beverly hills. Can we take a moment to appreciate this lady and her ability to create the most amazing products? While they have quite a few products, we must mention the dip brow pomade. This is perfect for oily skin and humid weather. It sculpts, colours and keeps your brows in place. A total winner!!

Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit Brow

Benefit we love you for creating this product!! This little wonder stick is the solution to scarce eyebrows. It adds volume with its micro fibres that blend well with the natural hair. Gives a flawless, natural look with extra volume. Comes in three different universal shades <3

L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer

Loreal Brow

L’oreal has once again proven that they slay the makeup game every time. This little baby is ideal, to define and fill in your brows. With a retractable pencil on one end and a spoolie on the other end,  it makes it easy to fill in your brows with natural looking strokes and define them to perfection. This is a great dupe for most high-end products for half the price. We love!!

Nyx Brow Gel

Nyx brow gel

Nyx knows how to keep us loving them… This brow gel is everything you want in a brow product. It’s lightweight, comes in universal shades, lasts long, smudge-free and looks super natural. This gel fills in your brows, naturally blending with the existing hair. For a drugstore product, this is a great dupe for most high-end brands. We love you Nyx <3

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

ABH clear_brow_gel

Now if you’re one of those rare breeds who are blessed with naturally thick eyebrows, this one is for you (we are green with envy BTW).

This product will keep your brows in place while giving it definition. It beautifully holds the shape of your brows. You can also use this on top of any other brow product that you might use to fill in the gaps.

Now, which one would you like to try? Or are you already a fan of all these products? Whichever product you use remember, that there’s a fine line between getting your eyebrows on fleek and looking like a complete freak… So choose your product wisely… Good luck with your brows and lots of love from us <3