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Lifestyle changes to feel energized all day

Lifestyle changes to be energized

Lifestyle changes to feel good

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Easy, creamy roasted pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup

Creamy pumpkin soup

I know I promised a chocolate cake recipe, but I thought of posting this soul filling pumpkin soup recipe first (also because I need to take a proper picture of one of my chocolate cakes..LOL)

This is one of my “go-to” recipes since it’s super easy, filling and oh-so satisfying! I try my best to use organic pumpkin since it’s the main ingredient, so hope you will too.

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Is your brow game strong or just plain wrong?

So thanks to Cara Delevingne we all learnt a thing or two about keeping our brows on fleek. Remember the days when we had a skinny line of hair on top of our eyes that we used to call our eyebrows? (cringe!!)

Our brows make a world of difference to our overall appearance and make us look somewhat pleasant to look at. But let’s face reality here, not all of us are blessed with gorgeous thick brows like Cara… So how do we master the perfect brows?

Thankfully almost every brand of makeup offers a brow product and some offer more than one option, from gels, to creams to powders.

The key to making your brows look as natural as possible is to match the product you use to your hair colour.

Here’s our top list that makes the cut when it comes to global brow products.

Anastasia Beverly hills dip brow 


ABH Brow

When we talk about brows the first brand that comes to our mind is Anastasia Beverly hills. Can we take a moment to appreciate this lady and her ability to create the most amazing products? While they have quite a few products, we must mention the dip brow pomade. This is perfect for oily skin and humid weather. It sculpts, colours and keeps your brows in place. A total winner!!

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How to decorate small spaces

Are you eternally complaining that you don’t have enough space at home? Take a look around, your home might look even smaller with the wrong pieces of furniture and hues. Think about it… less is always more! The colours you choose, the type of furniture and the decorative pieces will make all the difference in terms of adding personality to your small space.

Elegant dining room

Simple dining room

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Watermelon summer cocktail

Watermelon cocktail

Summer isn’t over yet, and while we are still soaking up some sun, why not sip a yummylicious cocktail by the pool?

So if you’re having some friends over or thinking of stirring up a delicious concoction for a special someone, here’s a fun tropical watermelon Cocktail recipe to jazz up your evening.

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BB or CC cream? Here’s our top list of BB and CC Creams

Have you been wondering what the difference is between a BB Cream and a CC Cream? To be honest, it’s pretty much the same. However, there are slight differences and certain brands really make it to the top list. CC Cream stands for Colour Correct while BB stands for Beaty Balm. Either way they are both glorified formulas of the simple tinted moisturisers that we used to see on the beauty shelves.

Here’s our top list of CC and BB Creams.

It Cosmetics CC Cream

IT - CC Cream

Where do I even begin… SPF Coverage is 50, need I say more? It’s packed with anti-aging benefits with a very smooth texture. It’s moisturising but not greasy and gives healthy looking skin. We love it!

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Have you heard of Multi Masking?


We thought of sharing some awesome news about keeping your skin on point. Yeah healthy skin is everything… While we love going through our make up drawers daily to cover up our flaws, don’t we all just wish for good skin? Oh yes sister you and I both!

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